Information about Switchbackr

How it works

Selling gear on Switchbackr is quick, free and easy! Just click the "Sell your gear" button and fill out the form. If your gear is pre-loved (aka used), make sure to take lots of good photos and write a description that adequately describes any imperfections. 

When your item sells, you ship it out or arrange an in-person pickup with your buyer. You get paid once your buyer confirms receipt of your gear!

Transparent pricing

Switchbackr earns a 7% commission on each final sale. Credit card processing companies take an additional 3% (we keep none of this). You should therefore earn about 90% of your sale price

Buying an item on Switchbackr is mega simple! Just find something you like and go through online checkout. You can message the seller to inquire about the item, ask for more photos, coordinate an in-person pickup, or see if they'd be willing to sell at a lower price.

All sales are covered by our unwavering Iron Lotus Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence because no matter what, we've got your back!

Questions or issues with the platform? We're here to spot you! Reach out to us literally anytime by emailing or calling 650-268-4182. We're still full-time college students, but we love our Switchbackr-ers and will do everything to get back to you ASAP!