Information about Switchbackr


Gear is expensive. Whether you're a skier trying to find send sticks, a cyclist searching for a trusty steed, or a climber looking for bomber gear, we all know that the cost to get into the outdoors can be pretty steep.

That's why we're creating Switchbackr—to increase the accessibility of the outdoors by making it easier to buy and sell gear. Not only that, but buying pre-owned is also better for the environment because it extends the effective lifespan of our gear! It's a win-win, something that all outdoor people can get behind. 

Switchbackr is currently in "mega-alpha" launch mode, and we would love to get feedback from our alpha users. Fill out this form to tell us your opinion!

Sasha and Alex are two seniors at Stanford who are passionate about sending it to the max in the outdoors. Sasha is a rock climber, surfer, and professional barefoot backpacker. Alex loves skiing, cycling, and mountaineering. Together they founded Switchbackr to make it easier for people like them to buy and sell gear and raise the stoke for the outdoors. 

Our customers are MEGA important to us, so please reach out whenever! You can get in touch with us by emailing or calling 650-268-4182 or filling out this form if you're into forms. 

We're still full-time college students, but we'll try to get back to you within one day!